Next Sunday’s Walk (24th June)

Newbiggin and Hutton Roof Crags

The walk is 7 miles, moderate. Currently the ground is relatively hard with very little soft/muddy patches whilst the rocks on Hutton Roof and Newbiggin Craggs are not slippery at present. There is Lupton Brook to cross which is not deep at its crossing point but should there be rain between now and then one needs to be prepared for wet feet and I suggest people bring a small towel just in case.

Usual starting place in Lancaster at 10.00 am or 10.45 am from the road running between the two crags at its highest point. This is reached by taking the A6070 at Tewitfield to Clawthorpe just beyond Burton-in-Kendal where you turn right. There are places to park on both sides of the road.

Contact: Mike Tel: 07720186041 or 01524 734867 before the end of Friday 22 June so that lifts can be arranged.

Social 21 June at the Borough at 6.00 pm. Contact Trish on 07985179461.

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