Lancaster & Morecambe Walking and Social Group: Guidelines for Walk Leaders

Planning a Walk

  • Having decided on a walk, try to recce it within a month of the walk date.
  • Identify a suitable place to park cars.
  • Identify a suitable lunch spot.
  • Be conscious of length and timing of walk, especially in winter months: walks should be between 5 and 10 miles long.
  • Check weather conditions close to date of walk.
  • Check if able to shorten walk if weather turns bad.
  • Leaders should carry a basic first aid kit, and a torch.

Advertising the Walk

  • Complete the online Walk Details Form HERE and submit 10 days before the walk (ie Thursday) and certainly by no later than the Sunday prior to the walk.
  • State clearly whether the walk is easy, moderate or hard, including whether there are any steep climbs.
  • Recommend hi viz clothing (e.g. armband) on winter walks.
  • Try to coordinate car sharing, point people needing a lift to WhatsApp group.
  • Check programme online agrees with the walk you are doing.
  • Always reply promptly to people who have said they wish to come on the walk.

On the day, before starting

  • Check weather forecast.
  • Arrive early.
  • Introduce yourself to the group as the walk leader
  • Introduce any new members.
  • Mention to any dog owners about responsibility for their dog, especially in presence of sheep or cattle ie dogs put on leads.
  • Check for inappropriate clothing for your walk eg boots.
  • Brief introduction to walk, including lunch break, approximate end time.
  • Mention any busy road walking (single file and, apart from sharp bends to the right, walkers should stay to the right hand side of the road)
  • Request only 2 abreast when crossing ploughed/in crop fields.
  • Appoint a back-marker if the group is large.
  • Before setting off, count number in the group.

On the walk

  • Keep re-grouping, especially at stiles, and regularly check numbers.
  • Always stop at junctions or tricky spots to make sure everyone goes the correct way.
  • Have a coffee/tea stop.
  • Have short stops for water, especially if it is a hot day and/or a tough walk.
  • Do not have too long for a lunch stop (up to 30 minutes), and make sure no litter is left.

End of walk

  • Check that everyone has made it!
  • Make sure everyone knows which café we are all going to.
  • Thank people for coming on the walk.