Lancaster and Morecambe Walking & Social Group WhatsApp Group Etiquette

Please note that if you agree to be part of the WhatsApp group your phone number will be visible to all group members.
Such a group is set up in a spirit of informal communication between a group of persons with the same common interest.
It is not intended that there should be an overly legalistic attitude towards its operation.
  However, by participating in this WhatsApp group, you agree to adhere to the guidelines set out below. 
Participation in the group is not obligatory, and if you join, you have the option of leaving at any time.
  • This group has been set up by Paul, who will act as the administrator. If you wish to join the group, please contact Paul.
  • The group is intended as a convenient way for members to make general requests, or offer lifts to members generally, to and from the next walk.
  • Specific arrangements as to time and place of pick up and changes to arrangements should be conducted through private communications ie WhatsApps, text & phone call.
  • For walk leaders to quickly notify members of any last minute changes to a walk such as starting place, time, cancellation or change of walk.
  • It can also be used to post a small number of photos and comments after a walk or a social event.
  • If you do post photos, please choose your 5 or 6 best photos from the walk, and please keep comments reasonably short.
  • The group should not be used to discuss non–walk related issues.
  • The group should not be used to express personal opinions or to post private messages.
  • If your message is not relevant to the majority of the group, please message the person directly, rather than the whole group.
  • Any opinions which are expressed are those of individual members.
  • Group administrators are not responsible for comments posted by individual members of the group.
  • Inappropriate posts (e.g. posts including inappropriate language, insulting messages, voicing grievances with the group or individual group members) should not be posted. If any posts fall into the above categories, they will be removed by the administrator.
  • If any member of the group does post any such messages, they may be suspended from or removed from the WhatsApp group.
  • You must respect everyone’s privacy; being part of this group requires mutual trust.